By The Way

I have been called to serve an LDS mission!
I will be serving in 
Goiânia Brazil 

And I couldn't be more excited! 

Some People Know Whats Up

I am most definitely on a bloggin rampage. Watch out! 

I pulled up next to a guy my age blaring THIS the other day! 

Windows rolled down in the beginning of February
sweet sound of Johnny and June
sun was shining
As weird as it sounds, it felt like one of those moments that you just stop and think

...Life Can Not Get Much Better Then This

Here's to you Johnny Cash Fan! Thanks for making me smile on Redwood:) 

YSA ward and Short Skirts...Trending Now

I graduated High School when I was 17 years old. Our Stake required that we started attending the Singles ward as soon as we graduated High School. I was mortified! All I knew about the singles ward was the classic LDS film which portrayed it as a place I did not want to attend for my Sunday worship. My attitude has since changed, and I love YSA wards :) I dread the day I have to go back to family wards! I love the opportunities to serve in these wards, and I love being among my peers. I would rather listen to lessons that apply to where I'm at now in life, then lessons geared towards my future life. 

I love the gospel. I love Sacrament meeting. I love Sundays. I love wearing skirts. 
Getting ready for church on Sundays is one of my favorite parts of the day. I know its superficial and "worldly" but whatever. There is nothing wrong with enjoying getting ready for the day when I wear scrubs for most of the week. Until recently when I started recently dating a cute boy, church was one of the only times I took a lot of time to look somewhat presentable. I dont believe I'm the only girl who feels this way. Its fun having a reason to get pretty and wear cute clothes. 

One of my favorite things about YSA wards is the fashion show put on ever week by our lovely Sisters. As stated above.. I have and often am guilty of being apart of this. Recently though I have noticed a short skirt trend in the YSA ward. I know this winter has been more like a light breeze...but seriously I love how many girls are sportin shorties. I am a ward missionary, and as part of my calling some Sundays I stand by the Chapel door and welcome people as they come in. Trying to see if any investigators are coming in that we dont know about. All I noticed this last Sunday was the back of girls untanned, blotchy, somewhat jiggly legs. I am a terrible person. I know. especially since I have decided to write a blog post about this. 
I know that every girl has different bodies, and shapes. Even General Authorities have addressed this. I'm probably just writing this because I would hope someone would tell me...Jackie You don't have the legs for that skirt. Help save me from embarrassing others as they have to watch me walk up to the stand to bear my testimony. 
 I'm somewhat ashamed for posting my thoughts on this..but not ashamed enough to not post it. 
Girls if its winter, please cover your thighs. 
If you choose to show off your beautiful thighs..please invest in a tanning pass, or wear nylons. Both help cover your cottage cheese, and make me want to gag a little less. 

When I opened my mission call I was so bummed that I have to wait half a year until I leave. After writing this I know why. I obviously need to work on being less judgmental, and work on loving everyone. Even those with chubby thighs. 


Merry Christmas:)

It's been a special season this year. It is Christmas Eve. My Mom is working, and the rest of my family is off doing festivities with their in-laws ( I was invited :)) I'm home alone tonight, and have had the chance to reflect on what Christmas means to me. 
I am amazed by the love my Heavenly Father and my Savior have for me.
Jesus Christ was born for me. He lived his life as an example for me to live by. He gave his life, so that I can return to my Father in Heaven.

Since no one else is home right now, I got to celebrate Christmas and my Savior in my favorite way. I have always loved playing the piano. I especially love playing the piano when no one else is home. There is something magical about playing in an empty house, knowing no one is listening. 
Playing in a room lit up only by the Christmas tree and piano lamp definitely overwhelmed me with the true Christmas spirit tonight, and I am so grateful for these tender moments we get to experience in this life. 

This year for Christmas I am most grateful for the time I have got to spend with my family, and loved ones, since next year I will not be able to. I know that Christ was born onto this earth under the humblest of circumstances. I hope I always remember my love for my savior, and take time to reflect on our Heavenly Father's Christmas gift throughout the whole year...not just the Christmas season. 
I love my Savior.
Merry Christmas!



Living at home the last year made me spoiled. My mom has a limited diet of toast, ice cream, and dr. pepper. I got used to buying my own food. Not having to spend money on rent, I dropped a fair amount on name brands. Boxed cereal, fresh fruits, expensive overpriced crap for sure. I got used to the "organic" way of life. Tonight I had a nice smack back to the life of a poor college student with the first Tuna sandwich I have eaten in I can't remember how long. Anytime I eat tuna I think of 2 things.

First I think of pregnant Rachel Green. "Did you put pickles on this?" I am a true lover of friends. I'm embarrassed to admit I have probably seen every episode at least 3 times. The funny thing is, every time I watch this episode I think, "Hmm a tuna sandwich with pickles does sound good right now." In fact I can recall a time me and the sister were watching this episode, and we did in fact go make tuna sandwiches..with pickles.

Second I think of my young days in Lagoon. Being one of the younger kids, Casey and I usually ended up hanging with the Madre and Kim during these rare theme park days. I remember always begging them to buy us ICEE's seeing that none of the other kids were around..they'd never know. The parents never gave in.  Around lunch time we'd see other families getting pizza, churros, hotdogs, delicious junk food we never had the luxury of enjoying at Lagoon. This time of day our fam dam would meet up and head out to the van. The beloved '98 Windstar held our wonderful tuna sandwiches on hamburger buns in the cooler. We at lunch in style right there in the parking strips of grass. My first meal within the gates of Lagoon was in 2013 when I went to "Frightmares" with my cousins. We went to Subway and split a footlong between 4 of us....it was a total rip off, and I wanted a tuna fish sandwich. This visit to Lagoon was also the time I got yelled at by the father of a little boy I spit on from the skycoaster (story for another time, but this event ruined the joys of Lagoon for me..and  to this day I have not been on the skycoaster)

Point of this post was...well really nothing. Sorry you wasted your time reading this :)


Food for Thought

Beloved patients of the West Jordan Family practice.
I have my job because of you...and I am grateful.
I have recently decided that I love my job, partly because of you.
...but when I ask what medications you are taking
...and you have a list of 42
You don't have to explain when/why/what/and how you take or began to take each medication.
In most cases I'm aware of what they are used for, and we now have taken up 15 minutes of your 10 minute appointment :S



today i realized something. my hair is officially longer then it has been since i chopped it off the beginning of my senior year. I have had some rockin hairstyles since then. my personal fav is the "smiley cut" of ' 08. unfortunately i can not find any pics it to share with you (wendy abbott help me out:)) since this awesome cut i have tried multiple times to grow my hair out. i get frustrated and chop it to my chin everytime. i'm sticking to it this time though and growing on strong!